About SR Signatures 2018

SR Signatures, a celebration of the finest dishes along the Singapore River, is back for its fourth year! This year, our four esteemed judges, have awarded 21 new mouth-watering dishes with the accolade after tasting some of the best cuisines on offer here in Singapore River.

Our Judges

Maureen Ow v2
Maureen Ow


Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, Maureen has always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. Maureen Ow is the Director of MissTamChiak.com, popular food and travel website that clocks more than one million-page views per month. With 4 years of experience as a journalist and producer, she has a wealth of experience in food writing, photography and styling. Her most recent experience is working as a producer of local Chinese TV. She has been featured in a number of publications including i-Weekly, Cuisine and Wine and Scoot In-flight magazine among others.

Rachel Chua is the author of FoodGem – popular food, travel and lifestyle blog in Singapore. As a junior website designer, FoodGem was built and designed as one of her own personal projects. She started the blog back in 2016 to share her love and affection for food and travel with her readers. Since then, FoodGem has grown tremendously to provide readers with a bank of knowledge for the best places to enjoy heavenly cooking styles, unique travel and lifestyle journeys. She was also listed as one of the 10 Up-and-coming Singaporean food bloggers of 2016 in Maire France Magazine. Besides being a food enthusiast, Rachel is also an independent on-screen character, appearing across drama series and YouTube videos.

Rachel Chua

Singapore Food and Travel Blogger
Foodgem Singapore

Shen Tan v2
Shen Tan

Ownself Make Chef

Formerly a director at Forbes, Shen swopped her business suit for an apron and started her food journey at a Nasi Lemak stall at Maxwell Food Centre. Known in the industry for her Mod-Sin (Modern Singaporean) cuisine, the self-taught chef is now the Culinary Director of Gastrogig, a bespoke hospitality and creative food project curation company. She also runs a private dining business, Ownself Make Chef which is her latest project where she has unleashed her creativity.

Sihan Lee is the author of Singapore Food Blog, Fundamentally-Flawed. Armed with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering, Sihan Lee gave up her degree to pursue her love for pastry-making. After studying at Le Cordon Bleu (Sydney), she worked her way up from the bottom rungs of a kitchen hand to eventually become a pastry chef. Her Food Blog, Fundamentally-flawed narrates her local tales of food and life with over 38.8k followers on her Instagram Feed alone.

Sihan Lee

Singapore Food Blogger