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Daniel Ong's Selections

by Laurent’s Cafe and
Chocolate Bar

Hazelnut sponge sandwiched between a base of crispy hazelnuts, topped with light dark chocolate mousse. A decadent, nutty and chocolatey three-layered treat, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Pasta Cheese Bowl
by D.O.P Mozzarella Bar and Restaurant

Homemade Scialatielli pasta (short thick spaghetti) with black truffle pesto inside a seasoned buffalo cheese bowl.

Wagyu and Seafood Platter
by Tongkang River Boat Dining

TongKang Riverboat Dining presents an experiential dining on the last surviving pair of tongkangs in Singapore. Enjoy the sizzling sounds of the M8 Wagyu Ribeye cooking on a hot stone […]

Lobster Porridge
by Beast and butterflies

A comforting bowl of traditional Chinese Teochew style porridge which delights with the addition of half an umami-laden lobster and abalone slices topped with shreds of dried scallop.

Tandoori Platter
by Bar Bar Black Sheep

Large succulent prawns, fresh fish, tender chicken and lamb or chicken kebabs perfectly cooked in Tandoor with a blend of aromatic spices.