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Rachel's Selections

My Little Spanish Place
Pulpo De La Casa
by My Little Spanish Place

House special octopus; Grilled fresh octopus leg seasoned with pimenton, sea salt and olive oil, served with red pepper and potato purees.

The Hitsuji Club
Premium Jingisukan with Lamb Chop Set
by Hitsuji Club

The Hitsuji Club is the first jingisukan specalist restaurant in Singapore, serving authentic Hokkaido-style BBQ prepared on a metal skillet or grill.[…]

Fish & Chips
by The Penny Black

Freshly filleted red snapper, battered in an age old Ale recipe. Then deep-fried at 290°C and served with straight cut skin on fries, our homemade mushy peas and tartar sauce

Plum & Toro
Sakura Ebi Somen
by Plum & Toro

The Idea of The Sakura Ebi Somen orginated from “Chan puru” which is Okinawan stir-fried noodles. There are many different versions of Chan Puru but we have chosen to use Umami oil which fuses well with the Sakura ebi flavour.

Gosso Omotenashi
Tsukune Yakitori
by Gosso Omotenashi

Gosso Minced chicken is made of 16 kinds of spices. We cook at high temperatures to preserve the freshness and natural taste of the ingredients.