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Shen Tan’s Selections

Smoked Wagyu Carpaccio
by Aburiya

The Smokin’ Wagyu Carpaccio is a visual feast, with slices of thinly cut A4 Wagyu Brisket Carpaccio presented in a bell-jar. Topped with in-house marinated Ikura, Hojisou and Truffle “Caviar” […]

Spice World
Pig’s Stomach Stock Hot Pot & Mala Hot Pot
by Spice World (Xiang Tian Xia Hotpot)

Spice World Hot Pot, founded in 2003 is one of China’s top ten global hotpot brands that prides itself in the meticulous preparation of its soup broths and accompaniments. No artificial flavouring, MSG or flavor enhancers are used. Instead, soup bases are first brewed in Sichuan China using the most carefully sourced deep forest peppercorns from Hongya farmlands, chilies from the mountainous origins of Guizhou and Sichuan before being air-flown to Singapore where it goes through a secondary preparation

Xin Cuisine
Poached Rice with Seafood Soup
by Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Chan Shun Wong, the award-winning Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant promises an exquisite array of Cantonese delights that marry traditional and modern culinary favourites.

Sun King
Pork Belly with Garlic Sauce
by Sun King Ryoriya

Since the early days of Chinese cuisine, sliced pork with mashed garlic, or suannibairou, has been a delicacy enjoyed by people of all ages. To modernize and usher the dish into the future, the chefs of Sun King Ryoriya have employed cutting techniques and some artistic flair, creating our very own signature dish named “YunBaiRou” which loosely translates to Cloud Sliced Pork!

Shabestan (Shah Pasand Chicken)
Lamb Kubideh & Shah Pasand Chicken
by Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine

Lamb Kubideh is tender ground lamb and whole tomato skewered and char-grilled to perfection while Shah Pasand Chicke is a special recipe from the Gulf: Tender boneless Chicken breast marinated in saffron and herbs.